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Parents’ and their children’s experiences of separation and support


What are the experiences of families when parents separate? Nuffield Family Justice Observatory is funding research at the University of Bristol to explore in detail the issues that parents undergoing separation and their children face, how they feel about them and what support they think might be helpful.

The research is taking place in North Wales and Bournemouth, and includes families who have used the family court, as well as those who have used other ways to make their separation arrangements.

Participants are being invited to record their views and experiences on a digital camera for four weeks, before joining an interview with the researchers. The findings will be used to inform recommendations to improve support for families going through the separation process in the future.

To contact the research team, please email or phone 07977 273329.

Existing private law research

This research complements our work on private law carried out by the Family Justice Data Partnership. This research focuses on using data already collected by the family courts (and others) to understand more about the families who use the court and what happens during their interactions with it. This existing research is linked to below.