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This is what we think:  Perspectives on being cared for from older children and young people – including those on deprivation of liberty orders

Last year Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, in collaboration with a group of expert academics and clinicians, developed five principles of care for children with complex needs and circumstances.

This report presents the thoughts and views on these principles from 13 young people who are either in care or care experienced. It presents a range of first-hand experiences offering vital insight and evidence. The project was led by a team of young volunteers from Somerset Council and shines a spotlight on the experiences of those who are living in care or have been cared for, including those who are subject to deprivation of liberty orders.

This report shares some experiences from young people as short audio interview clips.

To listen to these, you will need to download the report below to your computer or phone first.
Alternatively the audio is provided in the links below.

I was not made aware I had a DoL until six months after the order was put in place… Male, 17 yrs, child looked after by Somerset Council, living in Somerset with a DoL order
And…throughout the care system they always treat you like a criminal, like thugs or things like that. But we’re just children with problems and needs.. Male, 23 yrs, care leaver living in Somerset
I don’t think sometimes social workers or managers like when a parent knows their rights Female, 22 yrs, care leaver living in Somerset
They just couldn’t find a placement for me because of my needs and they’d find one and the funding would fall through, so it meant that I got stuck in hospital for about a year.. Female, 22 yrs, care leaver living in Somerset
…having the right people involved and being treated like a person rather than a problem Female, 22 yrs, care leaver living in Somerset
I don’t think my plan’s ever fully recognised my needs, it only really recognised what’s on the surface Female, 22 yrs, care leaver living in Somerset
[I want] to be involved, to at least know what meetings were happening, to at least know that plans were changed Female, 22 yrs, care leaver living in Somerset