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Use of children’s social care data at the local and regional level

Authors & Organisations
Professor Lisa Holmes: University of Sussex
Professor Lisa Holmes
University of Sussex

About the report

This insight piece explores the nature, availability and use of child level administrative data at the local and regional level, by children’s social care departments.

The report finds that there is value in children’s social care data being analysed locally and regionally, as well as purely being exported by local authorities to meet the statutory reporting requirements. However, as a result of austerity the capacity and capability of performance management teams has been reduced which impacts on the ease and frequency that this can take place.

By working together, it is possible to build our collective capacity and utilise the wealth of data that already exist. This is already starting to happen on the ground, with pivotal learning being shared between local authorities as part of the Children’s Services National Performance and Data Management Group. Attempts are also being made to share learning between local authority analysts, academics, and national organisations, such as the Department for Education and Ofsted as part of the Children’s Social Care Data User Group.