Below you can find resources used at the Born into Care event held in Manchester on 9th October 2018. 

Thank you to everyone who presented and participated on the day. 

Morning slideshow presentation

The introduction presentation is also available to view on film: link

Opening address by Sir James Munby, lately President of the Family Division

Slideshows for parallel session A

Thank you to the presenters below: 

  • Fiona Dry, HMP Low Newton
  • Jo Greenway, Coventry Local Authority
  • Tori Joel, Baby Steps

Slideshows for parallel session B

Thank you to the presenters below: 

  • Monika Celebi, Video Interaction Guider
  • Jo Garraway, Salford City Council
  • Mike Hall, Concurrent Planning Service
  • Hannah Shead, Trevi House

Slideshows for parallel session C

Thank you to the presenters below: 

  • Louise Harrington, NSPCC
  • Denise Marshall, Birth Companions
  • Sue Pettigrew, St. Michael's Fellowship
  • Kelly Wilkes, West Sussex County Council

The presentations for Parallel Session C are also available to view on film: link

Slideshows for parallel session D

Thank you to the presenters below: 

  • James Cooksey and David Hughes, Walsall Council
  • Jackie Davies and Priti Patel, King's College London
  • Alex Kemp, Cafcass
  • Lucy November, King's College London


Evaluation form summary

This document contains a summary of the feedback we received for the event. 

Figures are up to date and accurate as of 05/11/18.


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