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Born into Care: Draft best practice guidelines when the state intervenes at birth (for feasibility testing)

Authors & Organisations
Claire Mason: Lancaster University
Professor Karen Broadhurst: Lancaster University
Professor Harriet Ward: The Rees Centre, Oxford University
Anna Barnett: Lancaster University
Professor Lisa Holmes: University of Sussex
Claire Mason
Professor Karen Broadhurst
Professor Harriet Ward
Anna Barnett
Professor Lisa Holmes
Lancaster University
Lancaster University
The Rees Centre, Oxford University
Lancaster University
University of Sussex


These draft guidelines are being piloted with partner research sites in England and Wales between January and August 2022.

Further work is also being undertaken to explore how the draft guidelines should be adapted to better reflect issues of specific relevance to parents with learning disabilities as well as parents and children from Black, Asian and ethnic minority groups.

This document should therefore be treated as a draft, to be revised in discussion with our partners, with a view to finalisation later in 2022.