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Appointment of Jude Eyre as Associate Director for Strategy and Delivery

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory is delighted to welcome Jude Eyre as our new Associate Director for Strategy and Delivery.

Jude joins us from the NSPCC where, as Head of the Strategy Unit, she was responsible for organisational strategy development and delivery. She also led a team that specialised in innovation. She supported the development of the NSPCC’s London Infant Family Team, and also worked on the development of Together for Childhood, a local partnership-led approach to preventing child abuse in Grimsby, Glasgow, Stoke and Plymouth.

Jude is a barrister by training and was called to the bar in 2008. Prior to working at the NSPCC she practiced as a barrister for six years and specialised in the law relating to children, including Public and Private law proceedings. For the past six years she has been a member of the Legal Group and Advisory Committee for CoramBAAF, a charity focussing on fostering and adoption.

 “We are delighted that Jude has joined us as our new Associate Director for Strategy and Delivery. With her experience of public and private law proceedings in the family court and of innovation in child protection, she brings a wealth of experience and insights to our growing team.”

Lisa Harker, Director of the Nuffield FJO