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Films: Hearing the voices of people with lived experience of the family justice system

At Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, we work to improve the lives of children, young people and families by putting data and evidence at the heart of the family justice system.

Our focus area on young people brings together families and professionals from across children’s services, family justice and youth justice to identify better ways to support and achieve justice for young people, and we are committed to hearing the voices of people with lived experience of the family justice system.

To create these films, we brought together practitioners, academics, parents, carers and others working with young people facing challenges, inviting everyone to share their thoughts and experiences at a community day.

These three films capture the depth and range of the conversations as they took place:

  • A call for a compassionate, more humane system. Parents and organisations working with young people discuss how it feels when they encounter the family justice system, and how they could be better listened to and better involved in decisions made about their families’ lives.
  •  Kinship carers share their experiences of caring for young people and how creative and humane support could make their journeys easier.
  • Community based organisations talk about building relationships with young people, and how to listen to and understand the different experiences they bring with them.

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Watch the films