Care Crisis Review evidence given to House of Commons this week - 12th Feb 2019

Evidence from the sector led Care Crisis Review was given to two House of Commons Select Committees in the last week. On 4th February Cathy Ashley, CEO of Family Rights Group, facilitators of the Care Crisis Review, gave evidence to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee Inquiry ‘Transforming Children’s services’. Links to the evidence are as follows:

  1. The written submitted evidence can be found here.
  2. Oral evidence to the Public Accounts Committee can be found here

On 11th February, similar evidence from the CCR was given by Cathy Ashley to the Housing,, Communities and Local Government Committee Inquiry into the funding of local authority children’s services. 

The FRG evidence focused on the interface between children’s services and the family justice system. You can find out more about the Family Rights Group on their website

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