Born into Care: Infants in the family justice system

9th Oct 2018 12:00

Born into Care: Infants in the family justice system

A stakeholder event 'Born Into Care' was held at The Friends Meeting House, Manchester, on the 9th of October. This event was attended by over 120 professionals from across the family justice community.

Cases of newborn babies subject to care proceedings raise particularly difficult challenges for all parties involved. Issuing care proceedings within hours or days of a baby’s life is fraught with ethical, procedural and legal complexities and constitutes a very severe form of intervention in family life.

At this event, the Nuffield FJO development team presented new findings which revealed the scale of care proceedings concerning newborns. In addition, the team presented the first descriptive picture of variation at local and regional levels, case outcomes and characteristics. The overarching aim of the event was to prompt conversation among all stakeholders about how the protection of newborn babies can be managed to minimise harm for all parties. In addition the event highlighted some examples of practice innovation from across the country.

The main presentation from the event can be found here

The presentations from the parallel sessions can also be found on our Resources page. 

Some feedback from the event can be found below:

"Very good opportunity to hear a range of perspective and meet people"

"It's very exciting to see the potential of the research and the impact it could have on policy"

"Such a relief to see how many people really care about this stuff"