Lancaster University and the SAIL Databank at Swansea University are working in partnership with the Nuffield Observatory to improve safe access to important national datasets. Better use of this data is essential to building our understanding about how the family justice system is working.

Over the course of 5 years, we aim to build capability in the use of administrative data and demonstrate its value for the Family Justice System. Cafcass England and Cymru are supporting this work given the value of national data held by both organisations and the role they play in frontline decision-making.


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Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
#FJOpreproc @lisa_harker summing up and exploring next steps and role of @NuffieldFJO and thanking all participants for a lively and optimistic day 1 week ago
Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
#FJOpreproc. Thank you @ClaireSMason and @marytryan82. Excellent quality of speakers and invited participants in today's seminar providing exactly the cross disciplinary debate that @NuffieldFJO seeks to engender 1 week ago
Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
#FJOpreproc Strong debate on advocacy, legal representation and UNHCR rights of children in pre-proceedings decision making 1 week ago

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory is being developed by the Nuffield Foundation working in partnership with a development team led by Professor Karen Broadhurst from The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University