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Our people

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory is being funded and incubated by the Nuffield Foundation during its pilot phase which runs from 2019 to 2023.

Core team
  • Headshot of Alice Roe.
    Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
  • Headshot of Beverley Barnett-Jones
    Associate Director for Practice and Impact
    Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
  • Headshot of Jordan Rehill
    Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
  • Headshot of Jude Eyre.
    Associate Director for Strategy and Delivery
    Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
  • Headshot of Lisa Harker.
    Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
  • Executive Coordinator
    Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
  • Headshot of Mary Ryan.
    Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
  • Headshot of Alexa Phillips
    Digital communications consultant
    Sonder Communications
  • Headshot of Leona Everitt
    Strategic communications consultant
    Sonder Communications
  • Editorial consultant
    Report Revolution
  • Headshot of Ruth Barrows.
    PR consultant
    Sonder Communications
Governing board
  • Headshot of Andrew Powell
  • Headshot of Andrew Webb
    Independent consultant, former President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services
  • Headshot of Carey Oppenheim
    Independent Consultant
    Nuffield Foundation
  • Headshot of Clare Carter
    Interim chief executive
    Access to Justice Foundation
  • Headshot of HHJ Lesley Newton
    Manchester Family and County Court
  • Headshot of Rob Street
    Director of Justice
    Nuffield Foundation
  • Headshot of Sally-Ann Jenkins
    Strategic Director for Social Services
    Newport City Council
  • Sir James Munby
    Chair, former President of the Family Division
    Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
  • Headshot of Sophie Kershaw Millar
    Head of Service for Safeguarding and Children’s Quality Assurance and Principal Social Worker
    Camden Council
  • Headshot of Teresa Williams
    Director of Strategy
Academic Advisor
  • Headshot of Ann Phoenix
    Professor of Psychosocial Studies
    University College London
Family Justice Data Partnership
  • Ashley Akbari
    Senior Research Manager & Data Scientist (Population Data Science)
    Swansea University Medical School
  • Dr Bachar Alrouh
    Research Fellow
    Lancaster University
  • Dr Rebecca Pattinson
    Senior Research Associate
    Lancaster University
  • Dr Claire Hargreaves
    Senior Research Associate
    Lancaster University
  • Dr Linda Cusworth
    Research Fellow/Senior Responsible Officer
    Lancaster University
  • Dr Lucy J Griffiths
    Senior Lecturer
    Swansea University
  • Dr Stefanie Doebler
    Lancaster University
  • Jane Huddlestone
    Lancaster University
  • Jonathan Smart
    Head of Programmes and Chief Operating Officer for Population Data Science
    Swansea University Medical School
  • Professor David Ford
    Professor of Informatics at Swansea University and Director of Population Data Science based in Swansea University Medical School; Co-Director of FJDP
    Swansea University
  • Professor Judith Harwin
    Centre for Child and Family Justice at Lancaster University
  • Professor Karen Broadhurst
    Lancaster University
  • Professor Kerina Jones
    Professor of Population Data Science
    Swansea University Medical School
  • Rhodri D Johnson
    Research Officer
    Swansea University
  • Simon Thompson
    Chief Technical Officer (SAIL Databank)
    Swansea University Medical School
Stakeholder Advisory Council
  • Albert Heaney
    Director of Social Services and Integration
    Welsh Government/Chair of Family Justice Network
  • Alistair Davey
    Deputy Social Services and Integration
    Welsh Government
  • Anna Edmunson
    Head of Policy and Public Affairs
  • Cathy Ashley
    Family Rights Group
  • Corienne Strange
    Policy and Practice Officer
    National Adoption Service for Wales
  • HHJ Helen Brandon
    Family Course Director
    Judicial College
  • HHJ Isabel Lloyd-Jones
    Council of Circuit Judges
  • Jennifer Gibbon-Lynch
    Family Justice Young People’s Board
  • Jo Easton
    Independent Researcher
  • John Pearce
    Vice President
    Association of Directors of Childrens Services
  • John Simmonds OBE
    Director of Policy, Research and Development
  • Jonathan Scourfield
    Assistant Director
  • Julie Doughty
    Transparency Project
  • Katherine Sacks-Jones
    Chief Executive
  • Lucy Peake
    Chief Executive
  • Marian Parry-Hughes
    All Wales Heads of Children’s Services (AWHOCS)
  • Matthew Pinnell
    Deputy Chief Executive
  • Michael Lewkowicz
    Director of Communications
    Families Need Fathers
  • Michelle Lefevre
    Professor of Social Work
    University of Sussex
  • Ms Justice Russell DBE
    Director of Training for Family and Court of Protection
  • Nav Mirza
    Dads Unlimited
  • Olive Craig
    Senior Legal Officer
    Rights of Women
  • Rachel Rogers
    Head of Policy
  • Rachel Thomas
    Head of Policy and Public Affairs
    Office of the Children’s Commissioner, Wales
  • Sarah Coldrick
    Legal Advisor
    Association for Fostering and Adoption AFA Cymru
  • Siobhan Kelly
    Association of Lawyers for Children
  • Sue Evans
    Social Care Wales
  • Suzanne Griffiths
    Director of Operations
    National Adoption Service for Wales
  • Tracy Sortwell
    Family Courts Committee, Chair
    Magistrates Association