Impacts of COVID-19 on children's social care workforce

The coronavirus outbreak will severely test and stretch our social care workforce. Quarantine and social distancing measures are having a profound impact on normal social work functions, while at the same time families with children are coming under extraordinary pressure.

The UK Government’s Coronavirus Act 2020 aims to boost capacity in the system through the emergency registration of social workers – recruiting previously registered, retired and student social workers to the workforce. 

Our analysis looks at the numbers of professional social workers with the potential to join or rejoin the sector. The information in this snapshot is valid as of April 2020.

The data refers to registered children and family social workers working in a local authority children’s services department, or, if working in an authority where the services are joined up, working exclusively with children and families. The data comes from official statistics for England and Wales. It does not include Cafcass social workers. 

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