Lisa Holmes

Co-Investigator, NFJO Development Team

Prior to joining the Rees Centre Lisa was the Director of the Centre for Child and Family Research, Loughborough University and was involved in the research centre’s formation in 2001. Over the past eighteen years Lisa has undertaken a range of research projects and evaluations to inform child welfare policy and practice.

Lisa has also carried out a number of responsive studies for various government departments, including the Department for Education and Ministry of Justice. These responsive studies were carried out to address specific policy issues. In 2005 Lisa was seconded into the English government department for Children, Schools and Families to disseminate research findings and produce a practice guide and resource pack to assist children’s services department with the strategic development and planning of services.

Throughout her research career Lisa has actively disseminated research with a particular focus on ensuring impact and knowledge transfer across children’s social care policy and practice. Lisa’s current work includes a range of evaluations of new programmes being introduced in to child welfare systems and she is currently involved (in partnership with colleagues from Chapin Hall, the University of Chicago) in the exploration of time use in a series of Title IV e Waiver evaluations in the US. Lisa has a particular interest in the use of national and local area administrative data-sets.

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