Supporting better outcomes for children through research

We believe that research evidence and national administrative data can support and enhance decision-making by improving understanding of why children come into the family justice system, their experience of it, and their outcomes. In establishing the Nuffield FJO, we have sought to understand the needs of those working in family justice – judges, social workers, Cafcass guardians and others. We will also seek to engage with children and families who have first-hand experience of the family justice system.

How we make a difference 

  • Supporting the analysis of national data and linking data from different sources to better understand the experience of children and families in the family justice system.
  • Researching issues facing children and families and collaborating with others to bring about change in practice.
  • Enabling decision-makers to access the latest data and research evidence.

Looking ahead

Our work in 2019/2020 will include:

  • An accessible summary of what we do and don’t know about children in the family justice system from national data.
  • The first ever national profile of children and families in private law proceedings.
  • Development and testing of evidence-informed guidance to inform practice when infants are taken into care at birth.
  • Exploring the mismatch between what children need from ongoing contact with family members and how this works in practice.
  • A spotlight on emerging best practice in supporting adolescents coming into the family justice system.
  • Synthesis of the latest research evidence for judges, social workers and others in the wider family justice system.

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