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Vacancies: Nuffield Family Justice Observatory Governing Board Members

Over the past five years, the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory has established itself as a highly respected, innovative and influential organisation in its field, putting data and evidence at the heart of the family justice system. Acknowledged as a trusted source of expertise, it has held up a mirror to the way that the family justice system is operating and has worked closely with judges, lawyers, social workers, families and others to draw on evidence to change practice for the better.

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory is fully funded and hosted by the Nuffield Foundation, and as such the ultimate responsibility for the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory rests with the Trustee Board of the Nuffield Foundation, allowing the NFJO Board to focus on strategy and development.

In order to replace Board members who have now completed their 5-year terms, we are now looking for four new Board Members to join the NFJO’s Governing Board as we embark on our exciting next phase of development, with a focus on creating systematic change across the sector.

We are open to applications from a variety of backgrounds, in particular we are keen to receive applications from individuals who are:

  • A member of the Judiciary with leadership experience and a commitment to creating innovation.
  • Individuals with experience of the Welsh family justice system, which might have been built in a legal, social work, children’s services, academic or other capacity.
  • Pioneering strategic changemaker(s) with experience of leading change across complex systems, ideally children’s social care, family courts but also health/education or other areas.

To read more about this role and how to apply, or to have a conversation about the role, please visit our microsite here.

Closing date: 11:59pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Please submit your application with your personal email address to ensure you receive acknowledgement of receipt.

Please note, to ensure confidentiality, applications submitted under a work email address will not receive acknowledgement of receipt.