Invitation to tender - rapid evidence review - 4th Nov 2019

Rapid evidence review of the impact of family contact post separation on children’s well-being and development

A current area of focus for Nuffield FJO is the decisions made in family courts that relate to children’s ongoing contact with their birth parents and members of their extended family. Practice relating to managing contact has evolved little in recent years. There is a need to consider whether current arrangements are always driven by evidence about what is in the best interests of children.

To inform an intended work programme related to this issue we are commissioning a rapid evidence review of the UK and international research literature on the impact of parent and extended family contact on children’s well-being and development. 

The ultimate aim of this work is to ensure that decisions made about children’s ongoing contact with extended family members are informed by the latest research evidence about the impact on children’s well-being and development.

This rapid evidence review will allow for a structured and rigorous search of the available evidence, as well as a quality assessment of the existing evidence and an assessment of the evidence gaps. However, it will not be as extensive and exhaustive as a systematic review. 

For full details, please read the invitation to tender document

If you are interested in submitting a proposal please notify Nuffield FJO by email by 17:00 on Friday 15 November 2019 by email This allows us to anticipate how many proposals we will receive and gives applicants a chance to ask questions about the invitation to tender.

All proposals should be submitted in PDF format and emailed to by no later than 12 noon GMT on Friday 06 December 2019 clearly marked TENDER FOR RESEARCH: APPLICANT NAME

Read the invitation to tender document:

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