Special interest project: infants in the family justice system

A key recommendation from the scoping project was that the Nuffield FJO should, as part of its remit undertake new empirical research in areas where there are gaps in knowledge. Consultation with stakeholders confirmed that an initial project focused on infants in the family justice system was a clear priority for the first Nuffield Family Justice Observatory special interest project.

The special interest project ‘infants in the family justice system’ will be launched when the Observatory enters its pilot phase in 2019. As part of the development phase activities, the team have undertaken a scoping project which will inform this project. 

Infants in the Family Justice System: Scoping project

The initial study is comprised of the following elements:


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A new insight on the Quality Circle in Sussex is now available on the Nuffield FJO website: https://t.co/4XKonOZjgd @researchIP @ReesCentre @NuffieldFJO @KarenB_LU 5 days ago
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Evidence from the sector led Care Crisis Review was given to two House of Commons Select Committees in the last week: https://t.co/kyXV9EDkqC @NuffieldFJO @ReesCentre @researchIP @FamilyRightsGp 1 week ago
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Additional film resources from the 'Born into Care' event are now available: https://t.co/fZ2knOudLM @researchIP @NuffieldFJO @ReesCentre @KarenB_LU 2 weeks ago

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory is being developed by the Nuffield Foundation working in partnership with a development team led by Professor Karen Broadhurst from The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University