Developing regional engagement

A clear message from the scoping activity carried out prior to the establishment of the Nuffield FJO was the importance of good engagement with stakeholders in local areas. One of the strands of activity in the development stage of the Nuffield FJO is thus focused on stakeholder engagement.  

During the development phase of the Nuffield FJO we wish to do the following:

  • Work alongside local stakeholders in order to build a meaningful operational model for the Nuffield FJO
  • Develop a practical understanding of evidence needs locally
  • Shape Nuffield FJO priorities through collaboration with local stakeholders.

The development team is working with Greater Manchester to test out ways in which the Nuffield FJO can work with local stakeholders. This work includes:

  • Discussion with Judges about their perspectives on the types of research evidence that are helpful to the family justice system and the ways in which evidence can inform decision making at case level.  This will improve our understanding of the particular interests/ issues for Judges in relation to research evidence.
  • Working with the project manager and the representatives of the 10 Greater Manchester local authorities who are developing a service or services across the area to respond to the needs of vulnerable parents involved in recurrent proceedings to support an evidence informed approach to the development of services.
  • Observations of meetings of the Greater Manchester Local Family Justice Board (LFJB) and interviews with members of the LFJB to obtain a picture of current use of evidence and of the ways in which the LFJB communicates with and engages with those working with children and families in the family justice systems and in children’s services. This will inform proposals about future linking between the Nuffield FJO and local areas. 
  • Engaging with local data experts to understand:
  1. their work and priority areas of focus
  2. the barriers in accessing and analysing data and explore how these might be overcome
  3. how the Nuffield FJO might support an increased capacity of analytical expertise at the local/regional level and mobilise researcher capacity (e.g. the potential of secondary analysis or longitudinal analysis of aggregate data).


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Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
A summary report of the Pre-proceedings stakeholder event is now available on our website alongside other resources from the day: @NuffieldFound @researchIP @ReesCentre 2 days ago
Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
Nuffield FJO Director Lisa Harker was recently interviewed as part of a piece on children being taken into care. You can read the full article here: @NuffieldFound @ReesCentre @researchIP 5 days ago
Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
Presentations and evaluation feedback from the Pre-Proceedings event on May 9th are now available on our website: Thank you to everyone who participated on the day! 2 weeks ago

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory is being developed by the Nuffield Foundation working in partnership with a development team led by Professor Karen Broadhurst from The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University